That's a good idea, my only concern is that at some point in the future FOP might consider it an error and not a warning.
Should I be concerned about this?
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From: Giannetti, Fabio [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: RE: XSl-FO question

Hi Scott,
    you can generate your own namespace with a field that tells you if that block is containing a data, then when FOP will process the document it will ignore this property .. giving you some Warnings, but the file will be rendered fine.
So you can define a new namespace like:


then you can define this attributes in your blocks that contains the data

<fo:block foo:data="yes">

and modify only them.

Hope this helps, Fabio

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Subject: XSl-FO question

This question isn't really about FOP, but FO.  I'm writing a reporting system that will transform XML using XSLT into XSL-FO, then use FOP->PDF.  I need to save the XSL-FO files for later "concatenation" with other generated reports.
During the concatenation process, I need to find all the dates throughout the different reports and update them to the current date.  Is there an easy way to mark a <fo:block> as containing a date string?
I tried using the id="date" attribute, but you can't use that multiple times per document.  But I need something similiar to distinguish parts of the document that are related.
Thanks for any help!

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