"Savino, Matt C" wrote:
> Thanks for all the ideas. Interstingly, I only get the problem on IE 4.0.
> not 4.72 an above. I wonder if Weblogic is doing something behind the scenes
> to mitigate the calls. Also strange is that it doesn't seem to happen all
> the time. When I get a minute to come up for air I'll sit down and try to
> troubleshoot the problem. Our application is for a very limited number of
> end users, and we can pretty much tell them to use IE 4.72 and higher. So I
> hope I'm ok on this one. I really don't feel like trying to implememnt
> Microsoft's Active-X solution.

Ha, wait till you install 5.0, everything's different there again. Then
5.5 changes everything again. It's useless trying to keep up with
Microsoft :)


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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