At 4:48 PM -0400 11/29/01, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
This was already a known thing, and Norman Walsh pointed it out also.

There is simply no point in fixing this until the FOP rewrite emerges.

That's your choice. However, you should realize that this is going to 
cause a lot of confusion for many users. It basically condemns FOP to 
irrelevance until the rewrite is finished. I'm personally going to 
have pull references to FOP out of the online XML Bible chapters and 
the next edition of XML in a Nutshell, and switch my own toolchains 
over to PassiveTeX. Although this is a small change conceptually, it 
is one that affects pretty much *every* XSL-FO document anyone is 
ever going to write.

FOP has a large mindshare because it was first and because it is open 
source. Leaving this minor change until the rewrite is done is pretty 
much going to abandon the competitive advantages FOP has gained by 
being first. People will move to PassiveTeX, XEP, Antenna House, and 
other products instead. If that's OK with you, then that's your 
choice. Just make sure this is in fact what you want to happen.

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