And between me and Christian I think we will see to it that this change, at
least, gets done and is reflected in a maintenance release, which I suggest
should appear NLT Dec 15.

In other words, I accept your argument (that was never in question). It's a
resource thing...Keiron and Karen (and some others, such as Peter West) are
looking at the rewrite, so it's up to the rest of us to do stuff like this.

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> At 1:19 PM -0400 11/30/01, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
> >As regards the topic in general, I support Keiron 100%. The entire point
> >the rewrite is that during the process things are in limbo...this was
> >understood before, or so I thought.
> It was understood. However, there was an implicit assumption that
> XSL-FO was stable enough that FOP 0.20-2 would continue to work as
> well as it ever had.  When XSL 1.0 was released, that assumption
> proved to be false. That's not the fault of anybody here, just life
> on the bleeding edge. As other projects like DocBook start upgrading
> their stylesheets to support the final XSL 1.0 recommendation, then
> FOP stops working where it worked before. This means users need to
> make a decision between supporting the tools that work with XSL 1.0
> and FOP. Nobody here anticipated this.
> Note that I am specifically talking about the change from the
> master-name to master-reference attribute, not the various other
> patches that have been submitted to 0.20-2. While useful, those
> patches aren't as important. The master-name/master-reference affects
> all XSL-FO documents, and means that FOP is totally non-functional.
> This is not a case of not supporting this feature in these
> stylesheets or that feature in those stylesheets. FOP will not
> produce any output when presented with an XSL 1.0 stylesheet. It
> cannot be used.
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