At 1:19 PM -0400 11/30/01, Arved Sandstrom wrote:

>As regards the topic in general, I support Keiron 100%. The entire point of
>the rewrite is that during the process things are in limbo...this was well
>understood before, or so I thought.

It was understood. However, there was an implicit assumption that 
XSL-FO was stable enough that FOP 0.20-2 would continue to work as 
well as it ever had.  When XSL 1.0 was released, that assumption 
proved to be false. That's not the fault of anybody here, just life 
on the bleeding edge. As other projects like DocBook start upgrading 
their stylesheets to support the final XSL 1.0 recommendation, then 
FOP stops working where it worked before. This means users need to 
make a decision between supporting the tools that work with XSL 1.0 
and FOP. Nobody here anticipated this.

Note that I am specifically talking about the change from the 
master-name to master-reference attribute, not the various other 
patches that have been submitted to 0.20-2. While useful, those 
patches aren't as important. The master-name/master-reference affects 
all XSL-FO documents, and means that FOP is totally non-functional. 
This is not a case of not supporting this feature in these 
stylesheets or that feature in those stylesheets. FOP will not 
produce any output when presented with an XSL 1.0 stylesheet. It 
cannot be used.

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