Your question is a little underspecified ...

if you want to distinguish odd and even pages, the page master conditionnal part is for you (see the page master fo definition : chapter 6.4.11 I think you may handle more than just odd-even with this. Use this with different header section...

Don't think about using some predicate considering the page number, xsl fo and fop are loosely coupled, it is meant to be that way. So it forbids the user to use the internal page number programaticaly (some FO processor provide extension to do this, fop does not).

if your need is more complex and you have some magic formula to guess wich page is affected, conditionnal master-page may be to low level ...

Good luck.

At 13:13 03/12/2001 +0000, you wrote:
Hello everybody
I am a FOP beginner, can somebody help me please with this problem

I need to put a cutsomized header in my pages, the header should contain a
different block (of text) according to the page currently being generated,
so the condition will be based on the page number

1. is there an fo property I can use (say for the static-content or the
block elemtents) that makes certain blocks appear/disappear from headers
according to page number
2. how can I use FOP to generate this content

Cyril Rognon

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