I do have a similar (or the same?)  problem. I have a flow that runs through all the pages. On the first page, though, I'd like to have a different header (static content). So far I defined two simple-page masters and a page-sequence-master that uses a simple-page master for the first page and the other one for the rest.

But where do I specify where which (static content) header to use? In the page-masters I can only set margins etc.(?)  I tried to use two page-sequences, one for each page master, but then I get the XML-content twice: once for the first page sequence once for the second. Can I specify static content in the page-master?



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 If you only need to ditinguish the first page from the other ones, simply use a different page-master (reference or name ;-) according to the spec conformance) and use this page master for your cover page only. This will do the trick easily.

one page-master for the cover (one page-sequence using this page-master-reference) , and different page-master for the rest of the page sequences.

I strongly recomend you to read some FO tutorial, this will spare you a lot of research work (you'll find some ref on http://www.w3.org/Style/XSL/)
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Thanks Cyril,
please see answers below
Your question is a little underspecified ...
[Ismaeil, Sameh] no, I don't want to distinguish odd and even pages, specifically, I need to distinguish the frist page from the rest of the pages, any clue?
Don't think about using some predicate considering the page number, xsl fo and fop are loosely coupled, it is meant to be that way. So it forbids the user to use the internal page number programaticaly (some FO processor provide extension to do this, fop does not).
[Ismaeil, Sameh] yes, I kind of noticed that , it is usually one way: FOP code -> fo XSL ->pdf document
if your need is more complex and you have some magic formula to guess wich page is affected, conditionnal master-page may be to low level ...
[Ismaeil, Sameh] I'll give conditional-master-page some insight and hope it will work, thanks a lot
Good luck.

Cyril Rognon

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