I had this idea as well, but only FO knows which if it is formatting the first or the other pages.

But Arved's approach works fine. Thanks a lot!


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I think you are trying to do too much in the fo stage. It is aknowledged that you have the power of xsl fo to take care of formatting. The feature you are talking about is a document structure decision. It is meant to be done by XSLT code. When you decide to create your fo document, you must have a way to know wether you are writing the cover page or some of the content after. Thus, you can have one xsl template that will create a different page-sequence with the appropriate header in the static-content and some other template that will use a regular page-sequence for the rest of the document.

this is definitely a job for XSLT. Not to be done in fo only. You need two explicit page-sequence and you drive this by XSLT.

I hope my explaination is as clear as in my mind... ;-)

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I do have a similar (or the same?)  problem. I have a flow that runs through all the pages. On the first page, though, I'd like to have a different header (static content). So far I defined two simple-page masters and a page-sequence-master that uses a simple-page master for the first page and the other one for the rest.

But where do I specify where which (static content) header to use? In the page-masters I can only set margins etc.(?)  I tried to use two page-sequences, one for each page master, but then I get the XML-content twice: once for the first page sequence once for the second. Can I specify static content in the page-master?

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