(I asked this question on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list first, but was told to better go 
here with it.)

I'm new to xsl-fo and related matters and I've just managed to set up FOP (0.20.2) and 
make a few test runs. I'm now wondering a bit about its performance. Parsing a single 
test xml document (a docbook chapter) with just a few words in it, transforming it 
with the docbook xsl stylesheets and outputting to pdf takes more than 40 seconds. 
It's fifteen seconds before I even get the debug line ("[DEBUG]: using SAX parser 
org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser"). Afterwards, it says "[DEBUG]: Avg render time: 
Is this considered normal? It makes me wonder if my FOP installation (or indeed my 
Java installation) is set up correctly. Cyril Rognon on the www-xsl-fo list confirmed 
he found it rather too slow.

This is on Windows 98, with a 500MHz AMD-K6 processor and 128 MB memory, using FOP 
0.20.2 (sorry, I wrongly said 0.20.0 in the earlier mail) and the Java JRE 1.3.1.

What could I do to diagnose the problem better?

Thanks for any pointers,

Lukas Pietsch

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