Thanks, James, for the detailed comments. Not that I understood everything of it--I'm 
afraid I'm rather unexperienced with Java in general. Your suggestions sound quite 
convincing, only I don't know how to actually carry them out. Now maybe what follows 
is terribly boring newbie stuff. In that case, perhaps somebody could point me to some 
relevant tutorial or similar stuff on the web?

(1) making the JVM survive a single FOP run or a single document conversion. How? The 
only way I know of invoking FOP is by saying "java org.apache.fop.apps.Fop" in a .bat 

(2) Adjusting JVM memory settings. How? Okay, I've found something about -Xms and -Xmx 
commandline parameters, but how do I find out what the present default values are?

(3) Eden heap space settings. No idea what those are, let alone how I could change 

(4) Increasing physical memory. Well, okay, I do understand how I could achieve 
this--just spend a couple of hundred bucks. ;-) But are you really suggesting it's 
hopeless to run FOP on a 128MB machine?


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