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 JR> The performance of FOP needs quite a bit of work. At least thats the
 JR> impression I get from many people round here. However, its really
 JR> new  software ( hanve version 0.20 I would imagine ), and I think
 JR> that that  probably the coders are working on getting the
 JR> functionality there  before spending time concentrating on the
 JR> performance.

I think performance only question of time.
But one more:
What about German documentation for some classes.
Maybe you guys could notify all developers to use English.
Because "I am stack in a middle with you" (c) famous song.
I couldn't move from dead point with my application.
I do understand that now some thing are not ready yet, 
but I think you should pay attention to preview panel and print method.

And, by the way - great job guys.

Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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