"Joerg Flotho" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >>>only if you use somewhat esoteric characters (for
> >>>middle-european cultures) like special  mathematical symbols.
> The copyright-symbol (x00A9) is interpreted correctly, I think
> because it's lower than 256.
> Second example: a left-arrow (x2190). In filename.fo it's displayed
> correctly. In the pdf it appears as an angle.
It appears as "NOT SIGN" (x00ac). X00ac is the code point of the left
arrow in the symbol font. I'm not sure why FOP does not switch to
the correct font. Try
 <fo:inline font-family="Symbol">&#x2190;</fo:inline>
as a workaround.

> The used font is Arial.
> Using Arial Unicode MS makes no difference.(Maybe the syntax wasn't
> correctly) Is white space allowed?

White space is allowed. However:
> >>> FOP must know about the fonts too.
The standard distribution knows only about Helvetica, Courier, Times
Symbol and Dingbats. See font.html from the distribution. If you want
to use Arial Unicode, you have to install it in FOP.


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