Ok.  I'll just have to find out how to integrate my docs, which are at 
the top level, into the existing top-level elements.  Keiron said 
soemthing about creating a book.  If anyone has done this, and has a 
short recipe, I would be grateful.  Otherwise I'll sort it oout and get 
back to you with the subtree location.


Arved Sandstrom wrote:

>Don't see why not, Peter. If you provide me with a precise list of
>instructions (what to get, where, and the location that you would like to
>see them go in html-docs) I will make that happen this weekend. I think we
>are looking at early next week for the actual release.
>I can do the getting...I have cable.
>Keiron mentioned the possibility of including my recent html design
>notes in the distribution.  Is that feasible for this release?

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