Arved Sandstrom wrote:

>Hi, Peter
>I've included an attachment which is a tree listing of what I obtained with
>Please review and let me know what I missed. Thanks.


All of the html-docs stuff is redundant as far as the docs build is 
concerned - it will all be generated.  It was only there because I 
wanted to check that the html geneartion was working.  What you need is 
the xml-fop/docs/ directory and all of its contents.  The 
xml-fop/build.xml.diff patch file must be applied to xml-fop/build.xml 
(the build.xml in the directory structure below has the patch applied). 
 Same for xml-fop/docs/xml-docs/fop.xml.diff.  Once those patches are 
applied, and the xml-fop/docs/ directory is established and 
populated, the build target 'htmldoc' should generate the html files.


>    |   build.xml
>    |   build.xml.diff
>    |   
>    ----docs
          |       **Everything under here needs to be collected**

>        |---xml-docs
>        |       fop.xml
>        |       fop.xml.diff
>        |       
>        ----html-docs
                  Everything under html-docs will be generated in the 
full build


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