I have set up a book with my xml.  It will require changes to 
xml-fop/docs/xml-docs/fop.xml and to xml-fop/build.xml.  I'll prepare -u 
diffs for both.  One question about the xml: when I was writing the xml 
files, I used

<!DOCTYPE document PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Documentation V1.0//EN"

to allow me acces to the dtd for editing.  Is there a way to specify the 
dtd in the production files?


Peter B. West wrote:

> Arved,
> Ok.  I'll just have to find out how to integrate my docs, which are at 
> the top level, into the existing top-level elements.  Keiron said 
> soemthing about creating a book.  If anyone has done this, and has a 
> short recipe, I would be grateful.  Otherwise I'll sort it oout and 
> get back to you with the subtree location.

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