Hello Joerg,

Firstly lets set up a mailing list for discussing Apache FAQs. I think it 
would be a Good Thing.

AFAIK there is no official XML schema or DTD for FAQs, but we can come up 
with one.
There is something called "xdocs" which is what most Apache documentation 
is written in. I am not sure if it is suitable for FAQs.

If we agree on a FAQ Schema I am happy to convert my data into that format 
so that it can be incorporated into the CVS tree.

HOWEVER do we want the FAQ in the CVS tree? It means that it is a lot 
harder to add new answers.

I am thinking of mimicking the old Java based Jyve program in simple perl 
so that people can use this URL
http://www.owal.co.uk/cgi-bin/fopfaq.cgi to add material to (my) FAQ as 
well as read it.

Thanks very much for showing an interest. I know I haven't provided very 
good uptime for the FOP FAQ and would prefer it was supported by a team of 
people and not just me.

Alex McLintock

Anyone in London or nearby want some FOP consultancy?

At 16:23 14/03/2002, Joerg Pietschmann wrote:
>Now that i have broadband access from home, i could take some
>serious shots at keeping the FAQ in a good shape if somebody
>supplied me with instructions for writing and publishing the
>material (DTD, additional conventions, whatever). More
>explicitely, i'm offering assistance in FAQ maintenance.
>There should be a decision whether i should assist alex and the
>external FAQ or provide for the FAQ at xml.apache.org/fop/faq

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