"Nicola Ken Barozzi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> There is a new project in Apache called Forrest, that is redesigning the
> whole xml.apache.org site to become useful as a Sourceforge on steroids.
> We are at the beginning, and it would be cool if you join us there!

Well, there are already GNUforge and PostNuke....
I hope you havn't fall prey to the NIH syndrome.

> Currently, there is a mailing list, forrest-dev and a CVS module xml.forrest

Would it still be possible to use established mechanisms
as long as forrest is not put into production?

It would be nice if you could give a short note about the
current state and how the forrest project will influence
the publication of FOP docs in the future (to keep it on
topic for this list :-).


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