Xalan is implementation of XSLT. Output format is XML, HTML or TEXT. If PDF 
is TEXT file, I can imagine XSLT script which can transform FO to PDF. Am I 
right? Therefore I am looking for such fo2pdf.xslt script. What do you 
think? Is it reasonable?

Then I can imagine DocBook to PDF transformation as sequence of two 
transformations: xxx.dbx & docbook2fo.xsl => xxx.fo & fo2pdf.xsl => xxx.pdf. 
Is not it nice?

Thanks for your comments.


alex wrote:
> At 17:16 18/03/02, Libor Kramolis wrote:
>> > Does anybody know about some XSL tranformation from Formatting 
>> Objects to PDF or other > formats?
> FOP is an implementation of part of the XSL spec - so is Xalan, but 
> different parts of the spec.
> Xalan converts XML to XML, and FOP converts XSL:FO (which is XML) to 
> other formats which usually are not XML. They are both written in Java 
> because the authors like Java :-)
> Does that help explain things?
> Alex
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