OK. Keiron, thanks for your explanation.


Keiron Liddle wrote:
> This is not possible. PDF can be a text format but is generally in binary.
> It would be impossible to process most of the required things using xslt 
> eg. images, markers, links, pagenumbers, layout, property resolving, 
> footnotes, floats.
> Whats left would be extremely complex.
> On 2002.03.19 10:20 Libor Kramolis wrote:
>> Xalan is implementation of XSLT. Output format is XML, HTML or TEXT. 
>> If PDF is TEXT file, I can imagine XSLT script which can transform FO 
>> to PDF. Am I right? Therefore I am looking for such fo2pdf.xslt 
>> script. What do you think? Is it reasonable?
>> Then I can imagine DocBook to PDF transformation as sequence of two 
>> transformations: xxx.dbx & docbook2fo.xsl => xxx.fo & fo2pdf.xsl => 
>> xxx.pdf. Is not it nice?
>> Thanks for your comments.
>> Libor
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