This is not possible. PDF can be a text format but is generally in binary.
It would be impossible to process most of the required things using xslt 
eg. images, markers, links, pagenumbers, layout, property resolving, 
footnotes, floats.
Whats left would be extremely complex.

On 2002.03.19 10:20 Libor Kramolis wrote:
> Xalan is implementation of XSLT. Output format is XML, HTML or TEXT. If 
> PDF is TEXT file, I can imagine XSLT script which can transform FO to 
> PDF. Am I right? Therefore I am looking for such fo2pdf.xslt script. 
> What do you think? Is it reasonable?
> Then I can imagine DocBook to PDF transformation as sequence of two 
> transformations: xxx.dbx & docbook2fo.xsl => & fo2pdf.xsl => 
> xxx.pdf. Is not it nice?
> Thanks for your comments.
> Libor

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