Laurent Bihanic wrote:
> This application uses a SAX pipeline to apply an XSLT transformation 
> (XML -> XSL-FO) and feed it into FOP's Driver directly through its 
> ContentHandler.
> FOP does not display any error message but the generated PDF file is 2 
> KB shorter than when generated from the same FO document read from a 
> file and Acrobat Reader complains that "the file is damaged and could 
> not be repaired".

I suggest to check your SAX stream first whether all elements are
properly closed. Try to feed it as a SAXSource to an identity XSL
transformation (use TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer()).
The serialized file will be always well-formed (the transformer
closes open elements for you) but you could check for suspicious
omissions at the end.


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