Hi again,

J.Pietschmann wrote:
> I suggest to check your SAX stream first whether all elements are
> properly closed. Try to feed it as a SAXSource to an identity XSL
> transformation (use TransformerFactory.newInstance().newTransformer()).
> The serialized file will be always well-formed (the transformer
> closes open elements for you) but you could check for suspicious
> omissions at the end.
I did what you suggest and also tried with Megginson's XMLWriter. In both 
cases, the original XML document (before XSLT transformation) and the FO 
document look OK (Megginson's writer does not alter/fix the SAX event stream.)

I compared the debug traces generated by FOP in command-line mode and embedded 
mode, they're exactly the same.

I remove the setting of "namespace-prefixes" in Starter.java. No change except 
that FOP can now run with Saxon! At least this is good news!!!

Finally I removed all refences to external graphics, thinking it may be a 
problem of URI resolution: The PDF is smaller but Acrobat still complains the 

Can you think of any place in the code where I could set a breakpoint/trace to 
get more information about what's going on?



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