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> Karen Lease wrote:
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> >For the record, I disagree with Arved's reading of Line-Building. I read
> >4.7.2, point 5 as saying that a block area generated by an fo:block can
> >contain a mixture of block areas and line areas.
> >
> Agreed. In fact, it seems to me that the line-area is a pseudo-block
> designed to maintain the condition that the all of the children of an
> area must be of the same type, in the circumstance where there will
> clearly be block children of an fo:block, and to allow for simple block
> stacking in the BPDir. There is no need to wrap block areas in a
> line-area.

On that last point let me clarify and point out that I never suggested that.
By definition a line area is a block area that contains only inline areas as

The quibble was over whether block areas returned/generated by by FO
children, and line areas that wrap inline areas returned/generated by FO
children, can/must/shouldn't co-exist in a single normal block area
generated by the top-level block FO. I was suggesting the "shouldn't"
viewpoint; Karen reads it differently.

I am off to work so cannot comment more at the moment, on anything. :-)


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