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 JM> The keep-with stuff is only implemented for tables. And I'm not sure
 JM> that all of it really is. Try wrapping your block in simple tables
 JM> and specify the keep-with attributes on the table-row. I've
 JM> sucessfully used keep-with-previous="always" and
 JM> keep-with-next="always" on table-row.
 JM> Good luck.

<fo:table font-size="12pt" font-family="Helvetica">

<fo:table-column column-width="181mm"/>


<fo:table-row keep-with-previous="always" keep-with-next="always">



It doesn't work even if I put keep-with-previous="always" keep-with-next="always" into 
cell tag.

I am using FOP 0.20.3
Maybe there some other ways to keep block on the page ?
Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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