Thanks for speaking up. I didn't follow this topic so I missed that.
Seems like I've been lucky only having two-page-documents where I used

> If you're past page 1, I think the "keeps" are turned off.
> There was a big problem with running into an infinite loop when
> the total layout area for all the "keeps" intended for one page
> simply did not fit on one page. I'm not an expert, but I believe
> that Fop would try to fit the "too big" stuff on the next page, fail,
> try again with the following page, fail, ...
> The quick fix for this was to turn off the "keeps" after the first
> page break. That burned me because I had to bunch table rows
> together in groups of 5 rows followed by one blank line, over
> and over on all pages. So, for the code on site here, I undid
> that fix.
> If you are positive that your stuff will fit in a single page
> (after accounting for region-before, region-after, margins,
> etc.), you too can undo it. Look at the code around lines 204
> and 220 of  src/org/apache/fop/fo/flow/

> Comment out the rowSpanMgr.setIgnoreKeeps(true), and
> make sure you remember that you did that. I have no idea
> what else that might affect, but for keeping my reports
> bunched in some number of rows with blanks between
> bunches, it works.
> BTW, I know I'm not an expert because I spent a couple days
> last February looking for a way to fix the infinite loop problem
> without turning off keeps. Didn't find it and still had to produce
> reports, so I moved on.

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