Some remarks:

Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> - I'm not sure if we should change the API in the maintenance branch.
>   Breaking backwards-compatibility produces and deprecating old
>   interfaces and classes is not so popular, usually.
Of course, that's why I thought of keeping the old interface for
quite a while, but marking it deprecated after the new interface
becomes stable.

> - Avalon scares some people.
Not necessarily. It depends how visible avalon features are and
how much knowledge of, say, JAXP is immediately useful for
newcomers to FOP.
As for the avalon jar(s), this can be dealt with by providing a
big fop-all.jar.

>   It should be relatively easy to hide the Avalon
>   stuff.
Ooops. That's what I meant.

> - I'd like to work more with MIME-types for specifying the output format
>   instead of subclassing a class for each output format. This may help
>   to reduce dependencies.


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