I agree that mime types would be appropriate to select the output
How would you use a mime type to select a special type or an alternative
renderer or do you think it is unlikely that there would be two
renderers for the same mime type.
Some people do have a sub-class of the awt renderer that does extra
stuff, maybe this could be handled in a better way.

On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 08:05, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> The MIME types for renderer selection is not a new idea. But I don't
> know anymore when it came up for the first time.
> The idea is to eliminate the hardcoded references to the renderers. That
> way it's easier to include new ones or special-purpose renderers
> subclassed from existing ones. Instead of wiring the renderers to FOP
> using Java code we will do it using XML, or more concrete: The component
> setup XML which will be used to build the Avalon-style
> ComponentManagers/ServiceManagers. The MIME types could then be used as
> role names used to lookup the renderer component (See Avalon docs for
> roles, component lookup etc). As for subclassing (I'm not sure what
> exactly you're referring to), we won't need to change the current class
> hierarchy as far as renderers are concerned. Only some cleaning up and a
> little bit of refactoring will be required. The only big thing we change
> is the way we get the renderer.

I should hope there is no refactoring required, unless you are talking
about the maintanence branch.

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