Hello all.

There was some talk about user agents, which sent me back to the spec. I 
have never had any solid sense of what the user agent was all about, so 
I have collected all of the references to "user agent" from the spec. 
They should soon be available on the web site under NEW DESIGN->ALT 
DESIGN->User agent refs, and the xml is in the HEAD. The html can be 
generated from a `cvs update'd trunk by
$ ./build.sh html-altdesign

As a result of this exercise, I remain as confused as ever. The most 
general sense of "user agent" seems to be "fo processor". There are 
"interactive user agents" which may have "user agent windows". User 
agents determine actual values for a number of enumerated values, and 
determine a number of critical default values. Things which are 
currently defined in Properties XML files, and transferred from there 
into the source code, are therefore user agent functions.


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