> Whenever the PDF that is currently open
This implies having to generate a PDF first.  I don't want to produce any
files.  I want to view the results of FOP and be able to print them off.  I
need to do this over and over again and thought it would be nice to simply
tell the AWT viewer to "reload" or "regenerate" the report without shutting

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Hmm, I've got a little tip. I'm using GhostView. Whenever the PDF that
is currently open in GhostView is changed and you switch the focus from
something else back to GhostView it automatically reloads the PDF.

On 04.06.2002 19:30:34 Jim Urban wrote:
> I would like to suggest the following enhancement:
> We use the AWT viewer while creating XSL:FO style sheets to view the
> This is faster then generating a PDF and loading it into Acrobat Reader
> and over again.  It would be great if the AWT viewer had a "Reload" button
> which would reprocess the input.  This way we could change an XSLT file
> click reload and see the effect the change has.

Jeremias Maerki

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