On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 14:30, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Hi Keiron
> Not enough to be of any help right now. But reading this the Flyweight
> pattern from the Design Patterns book comes to my mind immediately. The
> list of all font states is the consequence of this pattern which could
> be very helpful for the renderers.

That sounds like a possible solution.
Mainly we should avoid the current situation, I think it creates a new
FontState object for every fo element even if it is the same. 

> The PS renderer still writes a list
> of all registered (instead of used) fonts at the beginning so they are available
> when necessary. You can't just register objects into the stream when
> encountered like in PDF. Of course, the list grows over time during
> layout while the renderer should already start writing out pages. But
> that's another problem...

That is another area that will need some design application, the choice
is probably where to put the burden of storing the pages - the area tree
or the renderer.

> Sorry, if this a bit meager but on the other side.... In two weeks I'll
> be starting my well-earned 7 weeks long holidays after really intensive
> 10 months. I'll be away during two weeks in August but I'll have 5 weeks
> from which I'd like to spend at least a full week to help with the
> redesign without having customers in my neck (read: I want to have some
> fun). Let me know if there's a particular area I could help out. I was
> thinking about the following areas: Avalon, Configuration, API,
> renderers. But I'd be glad to help in other areas if I can.

Sounds like you need a good holiday then :-)
That sounds like a good order but whatever seems appropriate when you
get into it...

> While I'm at it, I'd like to apologize for my lack of participation
> during the last weeks (especially with the API stuff). Too many things
> buzzing around my head...

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