Hi Victor,

I think that Jeremias covered most of your questions.

This is a related issue to handling the font state.
For embedded fonts it needs to create a font metrics and (at least in
the case of pdf) enable the font to be embedded.

So find out what font metrics are needed by FOP then the code will need
to supply these. Mostly it needs to get the various heights and the
character widths (look in org.apache.fop.layout.FontMetric).
I think the AWTRenderer does this for java fonts already.

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 17:06, Victor Mote wrote:
> Keiron:
> I am new to this list, to FOP, and to open-source development. I have been
> trying to get up to speed so that I can help on a couple of my personal
> "itches". I was going to hold off on offering help / asking questions until
> I was farther along in that process, but your question addresses one of
> those itches. I noticed in the documentation (and by experience) that only
> the base-14 fonts are supported without building metric file information
> externally. Also, my perception is that OpenType fonts are not supported. I
> would like to look at the feasibility of making arbitrary system fonts
> available, not only for FOP, but for embedding (where necessary) in the
> output. I don't see this on the list of enhancements. Perhaps your question
> was oriented toward getting such a project on the list, or addressing some
> design issues that affect this.
> My questions (for now) are: 1) This project seems feasible, but am I missing
> something? 2) Has anyone already started this? Perhaps you are thinking of
> starting into it? If so, I'll be happy to assist (if that is possible), or
> to work on something else -- there are plenty of other FOP projects that
> interest me.
> In short, I wanted to register an interest in this thread and offer to help.
> I apologize that I am not yet conversant in the details.
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