Keiron Liddle wrote (a long time ago, July 18 to be exact):

> Has anyone looked at the font state stuff.
> It appears we could make some changes to improve the way fonts are
> handled.
> - handle font information easily
> - handle font lists, resolving on a char basis
> - reduce number of FontState objects if information is the same (or
> similar?)
> - allow for serialization as part of area tree
> Do we need the FontInfo and FontMetric inside the FontState?
> Can we have a list of all font states so that it can be retrieved when
> needed for a particular layout of area?

My refactoring work will eventually handle most of this. However, I do not
understand item 2: "handle font lists, resolving on a char basis". There are
some lists in the FontInfo class now, which will end up as static fields in
the new Typeface class (with Typeface instances behind them), and I will
clean them up in the stage 2 work. The part I don't understand is the
"resolving on a char basis". What does this mean? Thanks.

Victor Mote

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