Keiron Liddle wrote:

> Are you generating the javadocs from the distribution?
> The problem sounds like a packaging issue. Those files have the line
> endings for the OS they are checked out on.
> As far as I know javadocs has always worked from cvs.

I was generating the javadocs from cvs. However, because of the way my
internet connections are configured at the moment, I was using WinCvs for
interfacing with the repository, and using Linux for the builds. I should
have realized that was the source of the problem. There is no packaging
problem (that I know of), and I will deal with this as a local issue.

> We probably need more javadoc info in general. Much of the javadoc is
> dependant on the stability of the interfaces and classes.

My goal here is to use the javadocs as an educational tool for getting up to
speed on FOP. As I went along, I thought I would add javadoc comments as I
learned something useful that was not already documented. I realize that
some (perhaps much or all) of this code is "experimental", and I understand
that the main branch is undergoing a redesign. If javadoc comments will be
lost in the merge, or if a large number of classes will be rewritten (ie.
the old versions abandoned), then perhaps I should wait until after the
merge before spending much effort here.

I do recommend making the remaining changes, which are in the attached patch

RCS file: /home/cvspublic/xml-fop/,v
retrieving revision
diff -w -r1.15.2.7
> # antRun must be executable (can't do this in build.xml because Ant uses antRun
> # to do the chmod)
> chmod +rx $LIBDIR/bin/antRun

Index: build.xml
RCS file: /home/cvspublic/xml-fop/build.xml,v
retrieving revision
diff -w -r1.44.2.21 build.xml
<          excludes="**/package.html, 
<     <!-- sets exec permission for antRun on Unix systems. necessary for javadoc-->
<     <chmod file="${lib.dir}/bin/antRun" perm="ugo+rx" />
>              overview="${build.src}/overview.html"
>              failonerror="true"

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