I would love to have some fun, but is this your idea of fun?? ;-)
I will take you up on the offer, report back and tell you whether it was
found to be fun or not.

Also, I had looked into the CCITT filter briefly and noticed at that time
the JAI API has this  and many other encoding filters in it. When trying to
see how much work it would have been to integrate the JAI into the FOP I
noticed the FopImageFactory has some commented out code that would lead me
to believe I was not the only one to consider the route of having the JAI
handle the images.  Now to my question.  Was this just a passing thought or
is this the direction being forged or does anybody know?  I am just curious.

Lastly, to clear my foggy head, my understanding is that the CCITT encoding
is fax encoding is intended for encoding in black and white only and is some
how related to the Tag Image File Format (TIFF).  Is that a correct


Stephen Wolke

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From: Jeremias Maerki [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2002 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: Hope this helps- RunLengthEncodeFilter

Hi Stephen

I've committed the filter to both maintenance and main branches. Your
code seems to work well, but obviously doesn't bring much for color
images because they are currently encoded as a mixed data source
(RGBRGBRGBRG, for example). To profit more from RLE compression we would
have to encode 3 (or 4 for CMYK) separate channels which required some
more work (would result in RRRGGGBBB). But at least for greyscale images
(when only working with PS Level 2) the RLE filter should produce
considerably smaller files. Would you like to have some more fun
implementing a CCITT filter? :-) The PDF renderer could profit from this,
too, I guess. Thanks, anyway!

Jeremias Maerki

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