Hi Stephen

On 13.08.2002 04:40:37 Stephen Wolke wrote:
> Jeremias
> I would love to have some fun, but is this your idea of fun?? ;-)

Sure. :-)

> I will take you up on the offer, report back and tell you whether it was
> found to be fun or not.
> Also, I had looked into the CCITT filter briefly and noticed at that time
> the JAI API has this  and many other encoding filters in it. When trying to
> see how much work it would have been to integrate the JAI into the FOP I
> noticed the FopImageFactory has some commented out code that would lead me
> to believe I was not the only one to consider the route of having the JAI
> handle the images.  Now to my question.  Was this just a passing thought or
> is this the direction being forged or does anybody know?  I am just curious.

It was just an idea. Not really needed. I don't know what's the best way
to implement it, but let me tell you this: Don't do it if if it's not
fun for you AND if you don't need it, because there are a lot of other
things that are more important if you like to contribute more to this

> Lastly, to clear my foggy head, my understanding is that the CCITT encoding
> is fax encoding is intended for encoding in black and white only and is some
> how related to the Tag Image File Format (TIFF).  Is that a correct
> understanding?


Have fun!

Jeremias Maerki

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