On Sun, 2002-08-18 at 02:07, J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Keiron Liddle wrote:
> > I don't think we should expect or even want people to understand
> > everything.
> I think it's preferable that people hacking around in the
> code understand *something*.

Of course, but how can we make it understandable.

> I took a stab at the static content layout and even get

> some text but AcrobatReader complains about "Font not
> set" if there is static content. Also, the static content
> is always rendered into the upper left cornder, regardless
> which region it should be in. Meanwhile I'm completely
> out of ideas where to look, especially for the font issue.

Since each region is in its own graphics state the font needs to be set
at a higher state of for the text in each region. The problem was that
the last font state was kept from the last region.
The regions seem to be put in the right place for me, maybe the viewer
got an error so stopped doing things properly.

> Actually, how is "unlimited" expressed in MinOptMax terms?
> Stuffing in a "large number" doesn't strike me as very clean.
> I settled for the page BPD, under the assuption that the
> page viewport would not exceed this.

I'm not sure.
I could imagine that it might adjust to the size of the region. So if
larger it uses min value etc.

> J.Pietschmann

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