On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 11:00, Ambar Roy wrote:
> > I look to source code, and IMHO you must modify
> > src/org/apache/fop/images and
> src/org/apache/fop/images/analyzer
> > classes to suport DPI (extract dpi from file and compute
> "right"
> > width/height)
> Thanx for the info. I did modify these classes, and also
> ExternalGraphic.java in org/apache/fop/fo/flow.
> Now what I wan't to know is that the behaviour according to
> the xsl spec is that images have to be sized as per the size
> given in the image and default to something like 96/72dpi
> only when that is not available. But in fop (and it seems
> antenna house xsl formatter) seems to only render images
> with 72 dpi unless a size is given. Isn't this a bug in the
> software? Is something being done about this in the next
> version of FOP?

If you know how to extract the dpi from the file then it should only be
a matter of scaling the dimensions.
How is the dpi retrieved, is it format specific.

If you know how to do it then why not submit a patch and the rest of it
should be easy to work out.

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