> If you know how to extract the dpi from the file then it
should only be
> a matter of scaling the dimensions.
> How is the dpi retrieved, is it format specific.
> If you know how to do it then why not submit a patch and
the rest of it
> should be easy to work out.
Well, I have done this only for jpeg images and for
fo:external-graphic right now, against the fop-20.4 release
sources. I have changed the image classes to support dpi.
And set that to the default 72 dpi for now. Only for jpeg am
I setting the real dpi from the file. But I have seen at
various places where the 72 dpi is kinda hard coded into the
code. The modification that I have done right now solves my
purpose, but I suppose I will also need to add support for
this in TIFF images and PNG sometime sooner. Who is the
maintainer of these classes, and how do i submit a patch. I
am using windows, so what tools will i require?


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