Rhett Aultman wrote:
 > I've implemented some code in the TextLayoutManager that keeps an eye on the
 > TLM's lack of progress in laying out its content and that, after 100 repeated
 > attempts with no progress, gives up the ghost, assuming that, after 100 tries
 > with no progress, chances are good that it's going to never progress (causing
 > an infinite loop).
I think this is a waste: in a page master sequence you have probably
a title, a left and a right page, and if something still desn't fit, it
probably won't forever. Space used by unexpected footnotes can probably
catered for by another try, so I'd use 4 tries total. If you consider
max-page-count, then any number can be just one too small. Also,
perhaps some checks of page masters occuring a second time in a
sequence of pages kept blank by spilling could provide a more
robust solution.

 >  I've run this against the tests and it doesn't seem to
 > have any adverse behavior.  It also properly bails out of the testcases for
 > bug #8778.  However, since exception throwing is currently not permitted in
 > the LayoutManager interface, the TLM gives up by throwing a RuntimeException,
 > which I don't have to specify in a throws clause.
I think a FOPException is preferable.


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