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Rhett Aultman wrote:

>I think this is a waste: in a page master sequence you have probably
a title, a left and a right page, and if something still desn't fit, it
probably won't forever. Space used by unexpected footnotes can probably
catered for by another try, so I'd use 4 tries total. If you consider
max-page-count, then any number can be just one too small. Also,
perhaps some checks of page masters occuring a second time in a
sequence of pages kept blank by spilling could provide a more
robust solution.<

I just chose an arbitrarily high number to be on the safe side.  You're right about 
the "in theory", which is why I was just leaning on absurdity for protection- who'd 
want 100 blank pages, anyway?  The page master check is an interesting idea, and I'll 
look into it, but there's a fair amount of implementation to do just to distribute 
"non progression checks" in various LMs.

>I think a FOPException is preferable.<

I agree with that, but I wanted to check before I started modifying interface 

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