On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 16:42, Rhett Aultman wrote:
> Foppers,
> I've implemented some code in the TextLayoutManager that keeps an eye on the TLM's 
>lack of progress in laying out its content and that, after 100 repeated attempts with 
>no progress, gives up the ghost, assuming that, after 100 tries with no progress, 
>chances are good that it's going to never progress (causing an infinite loop).  I've 
>run this against the tests and it doesn't seem to have any adverse behavior.  It also 
>properly bails out of the testcases for bug #8778.  However, since exception throwing 
>is currently not permitted in the LayoutManager interface, the TLM gives up by 
>throwing a RuntimeException, which I don't have to specify in a throws clause.
> Before I offer the patch, I thought I'd ask those with more seniority than me- would 
>a checked exception be preferred?  I can make the necessary changes, but it'd change 
>a LOT more code (since there'd been a need for try/catch blocks and the like all over 
>the place), and this patch is to fix up an infrequent condition on a branch of code 
>we're not going to progress down much further.
> Comments?
I'm a bit confused, the TextLayoutManager is only in HEAD.
It does have a couple of proplems at the moment with wide areas and
whitespace handling at the end. However the code should be selecting a
correct break only once and there should never be a situation where
keeps trying to add the same areas.

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