Peter B. West wrote:
> Fopdevs,
> Any comments on the representation and parsing of <character> type 
> attributes would be gratefully received.

According to 5.11 "Property Datatypes", the value is a single
unicode character. I believe the representation is a
unceremonial single unicode character, or an NCName whose
string representation has the length 1. I'd parse such
attributes as an expression resulting in a string, and
bomb if the string is longer than 1.
This would accept
  character="1 + 1"
  character="from-parent('font-size') - 12"
which may upset purist, or not.
An alternative would be to use a custom parser, which accepts
either a single character (NCName of length 1) or any of the
functions inherited-property-value(NCName),
from-parent( NCName), from-nearest-specified-value( NCName)
and from-table-column( NCName)
(might even make a bit of sense for hyphenation-char and
for fo:character's character in very, very strange cases)

Just for curiosity: what should happen if the following snippet
is used:
  <fo:page-sequence master-reference="font-size" font-size="20pt">
    <fo:flow font-size="from-parent(from-parent('master-reference'))"/>


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