Thanks for this.  I vaguely remembered some discussion about this, but I 
went looking in the xsl-editors archive.  That _code point_ had me 
puzzled as well.  I'll be interested in some feedback on this from the 
editors.  See also my response to Joerg.


Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>>From: Peter B. West [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>>Any comments on the representation and parsing of <character> type
>>attributes would be gratefully received.
> This came up on www-xsl-fo, because Eric Bischoff and myself had the same
> question.
> Tony Graham says that <character> should be a Unicode character, or Char. As
> in the actual real, encoded thing.
> Problem being, one property with a <character> datatype is defined in XSLT,
> which actually says that it's a Char. "hyphenation-separator" merely says
> that it's a specification of a Unicode character. I guess that could be
> interpreted the same way.
> But <character> for the "character" property says _code point_. And that is
> an integer value.
> So IMO the spec is currently very vague on this.

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