Thanks for responding.  See below.

Tony Graham wrote:
> Arved Sandstrom wrote at 26 Sep 2002 19:50:01 -0300:
>  > Tony Graham says that <character> should be a Unicode character, or Char. As
>  > in the actual real, encoded thing.
> Empirical evidence suggests that is the general understanding:
> grepping the XSL CR test suite shows everybody, FOP included, using
> literal characters.
>  > Problem being, one property with a <character> datatype is defined in XSLT,
>  > which actually says that it's a Char. "hyphenation-separator" merely says
>  > that it's a specification of a Unicode character. I guess that could be
>  > interpreted the same way.
>  > 
>  > But <character> for the "character" property says _code point_. And that is
>  > an integer value.
> Section 5.11, Property Datatypes, trumps the individual property
> definitions, since Section 5.11 defines "the syntax for specifying the
> datatypes usable in property values".  It says "A single Unicode
> character."

Ok, so it's a character.  How, then, is it represented?  Is it also a 
<string> (of length one), or is it just a literal (length 1), or just an 
NCName (length 1), or is it something else?  What does it look like, and 
how is the parser going to handle it?


>  > So IMO the spec is currently very vague on this.
> Then write to [EMAIL PROTECTED] asking for a clarification.

Nice dry wit you have Tony.

"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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