Arved Sandstrom wrote at 26 Sep 2002 19:50:01 -0300:
 > Tony Graham says that <character> should be a Unicode character, or Char. As
 > in the actual real, encoded thing.

Empirical evidence suggests that is the general understanding:
grepping the XSL CR test suite shows everybody, FOP included, using
literal characters.

 > Problem being, one property with a <character> datatype is defined in XSLT,
 > which actually says that it's a Char. "hyphenation-separator" merely says
 > that it's a specification of a Unicode character. I guess that could be
 > interpreted the same way.
 > But <character> for the "character" property says _code point_. And that is
 > an integer value.

Section 5.11, Property Datatypes, trumps the individual property
definitions, since Section 5.11 defines "the syntax for specifying the
datatypes usable in property values".  It says "A single Unicode

Now, the interesting if so far theoretical case is what do you do if
you want a hyphenation-separator character that you can only represent
in Unicode as the combination of a base character and one or more
combining marks?  What if your precomposed character gets normalised
to a base character and a combining mark before the XSL processor sees

 > So IMO the spec is currently very vague on this.

Then write to [EMAIL PROTECTED] asking for a clarification.


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