Victor Mote wrote:
> Is it safe to assume that all *n*x
> platforms have or could get an X environment?
No. This is a FAQ. It seems to be quite common for servers to come
without X libraries installed, search the FOP, Cocoon and Batik lists for
"headless server". Also, there are providers out there who run Cocoon or
a general servlet environment but make it difficult to install it as
"headless", and some even refuse to install the X libraries for
"security reasons" or whatever.

I personally had to go to some length to have my application server at
work installed with PJA, even though a X server is running. The X
security settings prevent the application server from accessing the X
server, and the server staff just refused to change anything (I suspect
they don't have a clue how to fiddle with the X security stuff).

Well, FOP is already so tightly integrated with Batik that it wont run
without X or PJA. However, I suspect that talking an ISP/ASP into installing
additional fonts will be more often a major PITA than not, and this
could easily be seen as significant drawback of the "use the system fonts"
approach. And if I were a server provider, I'd be uneasy with customers
dragging in heaps of fonts I have to install and manage. Apart from the
potential to have clashes, getting the X font subsystem to perform with
lots of fonts apparently requires some rather arcane knowledge.
The problem with PJA OTOH is that it is sloooooow , and it only accepts one
font file format (TTF IIRC, it is OSS though, someone out there to fix it?)


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