Victor Mote wrote:

> of this decision seems significant. If 99% of ISP/ASP users are using only
> fonts that would be on their server, or if we don't mind telling them that
> they should (or use an in-house server, or get the ISP to install
> the fonts,
> or ...), then maybe we come to a different decision. How do the other

I just found something in the Java 1.3 javadocs that wasn't in my JFC book
(which must cover 1.2): a createFont method in java.awt.Font, which will
create a Font instance from an InputStream. It appears to only handle
TrueType right now. However, Type 1 fonts can be converted to TrueType.
Since OpenType isn't supported right now, I don't think anyone can complain
that it wouldn't be supported under this scheme. Unless someone thinks the
Type 1 to TrueType conversion is too big of an issue, or has some other
objection, I'll work on this approach. My apologies for using up so much

Victor Mote

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