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>Will we have enough information out of AWT to produce high-quality
>   text? For example, you need accurate information for the placement of
>   under/overlines and superscript stuff.


Underlines are in the (newish) LineMetrics object available from a Font,
nothing I know of about overlines, sub/super script per se.

One piece of bad news is that presently the JDK has a problem producing
identical output to the screen vs a printer (I documented the problem here a
couple months ago viz-a-viz Windows, at least.)  As I recall, the rasterizer
comes up with output glyphs that do not match the size predicted by
measuring text using the font-metrics.

Even worse is that it seems to fails differently between depending on major
version ~ 1.3 and 1.4 ~ (maybe even among sub versions.)

I recall wondering if fop could get better results in the awt if, at the 
time it
creates its reference font metrics, it were to know the actual target
(ie printer vs screen vs pdf) graphics context.  Then I wondered what this
had to do with pdf and went to sleep...

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