Good discussion you two had. Jörg injected about the same things I would

In the back of my mind I have a reminder that AWT has some strange
behaviour in font handling making it difficult to produce high-quality
text. Looking at org.apache.fop.render.awt.AWTFontMetrics there is a
pointer to an AWT bug. There's other code in there that hints at
deficiencies in AWT. And there are differences between JDK versions!
Here are some thoughts:
- I think it would be good if we could provide fonts for the PDF and
  other renderers from the AWT, because it would make it easier for
  users to add new fonts and it is consistent with Batik's approach...
- ...but will we be able to get at the physical font in order to embedd
  it in the target file? While quickly looking into the AWT API I
  haven't found anything approriate. And where will we configure that a
  particular font should be embedded?
- Will we have enough information out of AWT to produce high-quality
  text? For example, you need accurate information for the placement of
  under/overlines and superscript stuff.

So having said that and considering what has been said before I think
relying on AWT for font handling cannot be the only answer. I'm still on
the same track as before wanting a font manager for FOP that can handle
multiple font sources. This means a good heap of work but will give us
the necessary flexibility to cope with almost every situation. That
doesn't mean we have to provide everything immediately. Incremental
improvement will do just fine.

Jeremias Maerki

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