Jeremias Maerki wrote:

> I'm talking mainly about font metrics at the moment. There are several
> areas to the whole discussion though:
> - font metrics (has an effect on the layout/appearance)
> - available fonts (different font types and sources, different quality
>   of information)
> - font embedding (how do I get to the physical font and how do I
>   transform it for the target format)
> - character encodings
> - speed and memory consumption issues
> (forgot anything?)

That list looks complete to me.

> Right. What would that class you propose be? I don't think you have to
> change a lot, just do a refactoring step to streamline the whole stuff.
> If you like my font manager approach (which handles the different font
> sources), maybe that's your class to build. It would be rather cool if
> the font stuff could be moved from the layout and render packages over
> to the font package so it is pretty isolated. Also makes it easier to
> work on and to provide a clean solution.

I agree with all of that. I intend to leave existing logic alone as much as
possible, but to put a layer on top of it, then add the AWT stuff on under
that layer (ie. as a sister layer to the existing stuff). I'll probably
leave the moving to different packages to someone with commit access, as I
don't see how to roll that up into a submittable patch. However, I agree
that we should isolate and generalize it as much as possible. Also, I will
build any new classes in the fonts package.

> One last question: you're planning to work on the redesign branch, right?

Actually, I was planning on working in the maint branch for a whole bunch of
reasons. If you think it is important to work in the trunk, I'll reconsider.

Victor Mote

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